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One of the popular myths propagated about WordPress is that, it is just a blogging platform. What started as a blogging platform in 2003, has today taken the shape of a complete Content Management software (CMS), empowering many small and emerging businesses to access a more manageable, cost-effective website.

WordPress is a robust content management system that powers many online businesses. It’s estimated that 27% of all websites use WordPress (December 2016).

Here are few benefits which have made WordPress one of the sought after options when it comes at picking up website and CMS for the businesses:

Open Source Free code

IT was previously been the most expensive domain for businesses, but with the introduction of open source codes, small businesses have found it quite feasible with limited budgets to take benefits of latest technologies. Because WordPress is open source (and because so many people are using it), it’s constantly receiving feedback and improvements from the design and development community. WordPress receives regular updates, each of which fixes bugs or offers new features and functionality.

Simple and Intuitive Interface

WordPress is a highly user-friendly platform. Through an easily accessible dashboard, the whole website can be modified and operated. You can create, write, review or delete articles or any type of content through powerful editing and HTML tools available on the control panel.

Multiple Admin Access

One of the prime features of WordPress is that it provides you option to add multiple administrators to manage your website from different geographical locations. This upscales the flexibility and scalability of project multiple times.

Vast Community

When compared to other platforms, this is probably one of the chief advantages with using WordPress. Because so many people are using the platform out there, you get large community to share and seek help from.

Low Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost of WordPress is either zero or very low. You can get fully managed WordPress free service, choose for low-priced plans, or opt for a completely self hosted WordPress website for a very low maintenance charges. You can maintain your WordPress website yourself if you have some basic knowledge of the same. Overall maintenance cost of a WordPress powered website is very low.

Plug-ins and Themes are versatile and expandable

The platform is a pluggable framework that allows website developers to extend the core functionality of WordPress. With a little knowledge of CSS, you will able to integrate various free and paid templates that can provide a unique feel to your website.

User engagement and built in customer engagement

One of the advantages which WordPress provides for your business is that it promotes interactions with your audience via comments. . There are also a plethora of plugins available that integrate with the various social media websites out there. This promotes your website as a means for your customers, and potential customers, to communicate with you; making you more available in the 24/7 nature of commerce today.

Search engine friendly coding

The WordPress code is developed in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines of different search engines, especially the Google search engine. The WordPress articles are very effective in getting found on Google and other search engines easily.

Quick ROI

The best part is that with the help of few plug ins and themes, you can get your website working. The next step would be adding the products and starting the social engine optimization and get instant traffic within a short span of time. This way it provide a speedy recovery of ROI for small businesses.

Compatible with various businesses

With the passage of time, WordPress has developed into a comprehensive CMS platform, which is currently compatible with all the different kinds of businesses and industries. It adopted all positive and progressive changes with the help of plugins and themes that qualifies it as a unified platform for all businesses.

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