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In the online environment, every e-merchant has to discover e-Commerce solutions in order to choose the best one. Among the variety of available shopping carts, OpenCart is recognized as one of the top-end solutions that combines flexibility, simplicity and multi-functionality. It is perfect for small and large scale businesses. If your business needs simple and easy to manageable tool, then OpenCart is the ideal one for you. Owning the responsive framework being available on this platform, you will be able to access your website across all the medium, desktop, mobile and tablets. This robust feature will eventually help you to target and reach more audience easily. Here are few formidable features which make OpenCart a quite popular option today:

Simple Installation of Online store:

Opening an online E-commerce online store has been totally simplified with OpenCart. With few technical changes, you can totally change and customize the look and feel of the store. Since the process requires less technical coding, it is a fast and easily manageable process that its counterparts.

Decrease investment through free or cost-effective themes and modules: OpenCart provides access to various free and cost-effective themes. Consequently, you can provide a unique touch to your store now at quite economical deals. The platform is module based and offers 11 modules that are quick and easy to configure.

Functional Administrative UI:

One of the major issues with small to medium sized businesses is that they do not have funds for hiring full time developers and hence restrict their options when it comes to e commerce websites. The platform lets the users to effortlessly create, integrate, manage, configure and use the store online with minimal technical guidance, which can be sourced with a quite lesser price.

Options for managing multiple stores:

The users have got access to manage 2 or more online stores via OpenCart. The feature enables you to set different stores using different themes so that they look completely different. The feature enables you to:

• Set products to a appear on specific stores.
• Localize each store by setting a different default language, currency and tax class.
• You can set different prices for each store you have setup.
• Setup a default customer group for each store allowing you to have some stores set up for retail customers and others as wholesale.

Can levy multiple tax rate:

With OpenCart, you have got the option to modify the tax rates depending upon the different regions and country the goods are going to be paid from or shipped to.

Access to variety of payment gateways:

OpenCart allows you to use many different payment options. Payment modules for the most popular money processors are available in the default OpenCart installation. With the default Payment Gateways, it’s almost perfect for any online business model. For different and more specific payment processors you may need to install extra modules. Allows integration of variety of shipping methods: When we talk about the online e commerce of business websites, shipping is definitely one of the major features. OpenCart allows you to integrate shipping methods easily with few steps. Currently OpenCart provides you access to 10 pre-defined shipping methods. Install the shipping method from the drop down menu and then configure the same. You are done with the process!

Management of Sales report:

Providing access to three types of reports, OpenCart allows the users to manage their business marketing plans effectively. • Sales Report – Calculate the total sales by day, week or month. • Products Viewed – Show which products have been viewed most or had the most interest from visitors. • Products Purchased – Show which products have been sold most

Highly SEO optimized:

OpenCart is search optimized allowing pages to be indexed by all major search engines. This eventually works great for your products as having search engine rankings connected to the products can help in increasing the store sales.

Available in multiple languages:

Building up a multi-lingual store is now a possibility through OpenCart. It is available in 17 languages and you can easily select it from the panel and integrate it to the respective store front. Hiring the right agency can free you up to do what you do best, running your own business. But it is a significant investment. Ensure you pick up the experts who know their business.

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