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Dynamic web applications have become the modern day need of the SMEs globally. The open source solutions, which predominantly rival the major software vendors, are providing an opportunity to jump form a simple website to a true e-commerce gateway. There are times when simple WordPress and “plug-ins” do not meet your requirements, and you have to plunge into the world of “custom-made”. Here are few top reasons why Cake PHP makes the best sense in such scenarios.

MVC Pattern:
One of the prime advantages is that Cake PHP makes use of MVC pattern. It helps you clearly define and separate the business and logic layer. It lets you easily insert, update, delete or read the data from the database. View support data rendering on the screen. Controller process and responds to events and can modify data before it interact with the model (database). Though you might not see much of the usage of MVC patterns for small website, but when developing large large web application the MVC architecture is like a blessing.

Object relational Mapping is another powerful feature of Cake PHP. It simply means that every table is represented from a class. It lets you very effortlessly define relations between other tables, validation definition and also you can predefine specific callbacks especially for that table. Once it is well defined, you can very well use it with main record. This totally eliminates the need to write any SQL for many projects.

ZERO Configuration:
Another big advantage is that you don’t require to configure the framework, thanks to the feature of auto-detection available in Cake PHP. Everything is auto-detect and the only thing you need to care about is the Database connection settings.

Extended Security:
Cake PHP comes with built-in tools for input validation, CSRF protection, SQL Injection prevention, Form tampering protection, XSS prevention, which makes the framework highly secure and safe to use.

CRUD Scaffolding:
Create, read, update , Delete- most of the web applications have these common features. The bake.php on the core PHP library has now become console/ cake. With this script it is very easy to be “produced” across all models, controllers and views and after that they could be modified for the specific requirements of the application.

Simplify Project extension with Components, Behaviors, Helpers and Plug-ins:
The main feature is that it lets you to create parts of reusable code which is very helpful for more than one project. Rather than extending Cake’s core libraries, special functionality can be placed in components, helpers, behaviors and a combination of Models, Views and Controllers encapsulated as Plug-ins – this way you can modularize your projects.

Easily create your own test:
The framework provides you to create tests which are quite helpful in testing any functionality ensuring the proper functioning of the code.

Ajax Support:
There is Ajax helper class in the core lib which you could use in various ways – form submit through Ajax, Event observer or build in Autocomplete.

Reverse Routing:
Reverse routing allows the use of the key in a key value array to be used in placeof the value. This allows developers to adjust the URL structure by altering code in one spot instead of needing to search for every calling of the change in the code.

No default Language:
Are you not comfortable with English? Cake PHP lets you work in your preferred language. There is no default language, it is selected by the developer.

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