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Content Marketing has become the latest buzz word in the dictionary of the successful digital planners and marketers. But here are few things which can prove to be quite harmful to the content marketing plan for your brand:

Not reaching the right audience:

Successful businesses understand that customers have acute differences in shopping preferences and incorporate these differences into their marketing messages, promotions, and product lines. By appealing to a specific niche rather than a general audience, you will be able to execute targeted, more efficient marketing programs, and increase your chances of long–term profitability.

Niche marketing is the need of the hour

Niche marketing combined with relevant marketing activities is far more likely to succeed than the “one size fits all” approach, especially for small businesses trying to carve out a competitive market position against larger brands.

Not having the right budget for Content :

Simply throwing more money at content doesn’t mean that you’ll be successful. Go back to point one above; revisit your strategy first. Once you’ve gotten strategy aligned, you’re read to spend smart. Here are a few tips:

1. Look carefully at which content marketing efforts have had the greatest ROI and spend even more on them.
2. Consider spending more on a good content marketer (personnel) than on content marketing (tactics). A successful marketer knows how and where to spend marketing dollars, and will give you more ROI than simply beefing up your tactics.
3. If budget is an issue, delay spending on the higher priced content efforts (video, paid social ads), and focus on the less expensive methods.

Not promoting the content:

Do you think “content marketing” is simply creating content.
Then what? 

Well, users will find the content, right? Organic traffic will increase, people will read it, convert, and we’ll get more customers, right?

Creating content is only part of content marketing. The other half is promoting it. I saw this as a problem a long time, ago, when I gave this advice to businesses:
“Do not forget the marketing in Content Marketing.”

Credence Digital team has been helping many SMEs in managing their requirements through engagement driven content marketing services.

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