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We’ve Crossed Our Eighth Milestone…

On September 26th 2020, Credence Digital Marketing completed 8 years of its engaging journey in the digital marketing world. In view of the ongoing precautions against COVID, we refrained from a grand celebration (that’s reserved for another time!) but had a lovely get-together at our own office in New Delhi.

The event was attended by our associates and some of their family members. And the workplace was decorated with balloons in blue and white – the brand colours of Credence.

Even though they barely had time for rehearsals, the skilled performers from our teams made this foundation day another memorable event in Credence’s calendar. The festivities began on a pious note with the Ganesh Vandana presented by two of our stars.

We also enjoyed a lovely performance by our talented associate Abhishek who played multiple characters all by himself from an episode in the Hindu epic Ramayana.

With a few more impromptu gigs and lively music the evening was entertaining for everyone. It was followed by the annual prize distribution ceremony wherein we honour the associates who’ve played key roles in driving success for our clients’ enterprises.

All attendees later gathered for cake-cutting and were treated to dinner before the day drew to a formal close.

Memoirs from the past and looking ahead with optimism

It’s evident that 2020 was an extraordinary year for everyone around the world. While businesses started their operations on a positive note with new hopes and strategies, some of the growth plans simply failed to materialise.

Amidst the lockdowns and remote work protocols, health and safety became the top priorities. We at Credence also made provisions to help our associates work from their homes.

What all industries learnt from this crisis though is the value of digital technology – how it plays such a strong role in collaboration, business continuity and customer service.

As a digital marketing company, Credence has always helped its clients to rethink their internal operations and customer-interactions with innovative tools. In this past one year too, we invested in new software technologies and skills to keep fuelling marketing and communication success for companies of all sizes.

Trust, empathy, resilience and teamwork have been the hallmarks of our services. And the ‘new normal’ brought by the pandemic has only encouraged us to serve our clients in an even bigger number of digital zones.

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